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What is Ortho-K?
Safe and reversible, Ortho-K is a unique process that can free a person from glasses or daytime contact lenses
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Benefits of Ortho-K
• Non-surgical method
• Available for most people
• Freedom from constant lens wear
• Better Vision Improvement
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Controlling Myopia
Myopia often appears during early school years. OrthoK offers the potential to control the loss of vision associated with myopia.
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Give the Gift of Eyesight
Partner with us to help donate glasses to vision impaired children throughout the world!

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For Doctors - MiracLens for Your Practice
MiracLens is not a mere product for sale, but an advanced medical device utilized by doctors performing a highly sophisticated procedure. Come discover the success of Ortho-K with MiracLens - and share it with your patients.
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